Now Playing: Discover even more shows with Spotify’s personalized Concerts

Our friends over at Spotify have lifted the curtain on their awesome new ‘Concerts’ feature, with event listings powered by Songkick!

The new Songkick Android app, with Spotify & ticketing features!

We’re psyched to unveil the brand new Songkick app for Android, packing a complete redesign, Spotify import and in-app purchasing!

Spotify Import 2.0

We’re psyched to announce that you can now track your favorite Spotify artists at the touch of a button from the Songkick website!

Songkick and CrowdSurge join forces

We have some big news for you today. Songkick, the largest concert discovery service in the world is joining forces with CrowdSurge, the largest artist-ticketing service in the world.

Track your favorite artists from Rdio!

Commence rapturous applause as we unveil our brand new Rdio artist import!

Link to Songkick with YouTube cards

Ever wish you could communicate better with those multitudes of fans watching your YouTube videos? Now you can! Use Songkick with YouTube cards and promote your tour dates right within a video.

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