Schedule your tour announcement with Tourbox

Here’s the truth: you’re busy. We can sympathize! So we built a new feature to make your life easier — as soon as your tour dates are confirmed, you can now add them straight into Tourbox and specify the date and time you want them to be announced to the world.

Now find gigs while you bop……!

We love sharing new music here at Songkick, so we were very happy when came along — with, you can play any song, using any service, and share with any friend – even if your friend uses a different music platform. It’s also clever enough to detect if…

New on Tourbox: Approve your events before they go live

We’ve got a brand new feature that will give you control over the events that appear on your Tourbox website widget and Facebook tab.

Stat’s Entertainment

We’re delighted to introduce ‘Touring by numbers’ on every artist page across the Songkick website!

New on Tourbox: link your fans directly to tickets

We know that as an artist, you’re always looking for the most direct way to connect to your fans.  That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature for our Tourbox tools that allows you to choose a custom ticket URL for the website widget and Facebook concerts tab.  That…

‘Attitude is Everything’ – Equality in Live Music

Shouldn’t everyone be able to go to any gig they want, regardless of their access requirements? We think so here at Songkick, and the fantastic ‘Attitude is Everything’ campaign is aiming to get more and more artists and venues on board with making live music more accessible for everyone.

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