It’s Not Over Yet

Festival season is over, summer is over, and soon it will be getting dark at 4pm. Are you starting to consider hibernation until next May? We were too, until we had a scroll through our listings and saw that 2015 still has a lot going for it. Compiled by our Community interns, here are our top gigs for beating those winter blues.

The Levenshtein Distance

Thanks to a beautiful accident this week, we ended up unearthing some of the greatest band names of all time.

Vote for the AIM Best Live Act 2015 Now!

No surprises here – most of us live and breathe for live music, which is why we’re so excited to be hosting the AIM Best Live Act award again for 2015!

Field Day Bangers

We all like a bit of organised fun, so we did all the research necessary to create a bangin’ playlist, so you know exactly where to head at Field Day.

Field Day Cheat Sheet

Instead of using glossy adjectives to describe bands you already know too well, here are our stone-cold pro-tips to guarantee you come out on top in Victoria Park.

King’s Landing

Guys, we’ve made it. We’ve reached the watershed. This weekend, Land Of Kings will dropkick April into the ether and light the beacons for festival season with a scorching all-dayer in East London. So scorching in fact, that the guv’ment has given everyone Monday off to watch Netflix in the dark….

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