A Home for Live Music

When we first merged Songkick and CrowdSurge back in June 2015, we had one goal in mind: to make the live music experience better.

A Lesson in Concert Etiquette

More often than not, it’s not the artist but the people around you that hold the keys to your cathartic gig experience. So if the stakes are that high, we needed to know: what actually qualifies as bad concert etiquette?

Oval Space Cinema x Songkick

We’re psyched to announce the return of our live-music film series at East London’s Oval Space!

When Sigur Rós Came To Redditch

We caught up with Sigur Ròs’ biggest fans on Songkick ahead a very special rehearsal show to hear their stories; how they came to fall in love with a band from Iceland, and how they ended up in line with us in Redditch, of all places.

Songkick Session: Tom Brosseau

Beers chilled, lights low, we settled in for a magical set from North Dakota’s Tom Brosseau in our Shoreditch office.

At The Movies

Three bone-rattling evenings at Oval Space Cinema proved the perfect winter tonic, as we holed up with hundreds of lovely Songkick users through October and November to feast on our favorite music documentaries.

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