The Kudos Washing Line

Feedback is everything. At Songkick we believe that no product is worth having unless people want to use it, and the best way to do this is to pay attention to what our users are telling us.

Spring Break Forever

For seven glorious days in mid-April, the Songkick team all worked together from our office down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass in Brooklyn, NY. We know, we’re very lucky.

Sketching At Scale

How do you get everyone from your company to come together and share their ideas? Our solution: by getting everyone to sketch.

Designing With Data

Data can be of great help us when designing our products – to ensure they look their best at all times. Here we’re going to breakdown a simple problem: what data could we use to inform how we display artist names?

Live From The Field

From Patti Smith to HudMo, Caribou to Savages, Viet Cong to Twigs: Field Day 2015 was simply off the hook.

Upgrading to a User Research Centre of Excellence (for under £30)

Here at Songkick HQ we’re big advocates of design research, which includes welcoming users into our home to collect feedback and insight on our ideas, prototypes and products. This year, we’ve significantly enhanced our research setup – here’s how.

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