100,000 New Songkick Users Discovering Concerts on Spotify

When we first started building our Spotify app, we had high hopes for it. All of us at Songkick are addicted to Spotify and meticulously create weird playlists to reflect our changing taste in music. For years, we wished there was a quick and easy way to track artists from our playlists and to listen to the line-up of the shows we’re going to this week.

It turns out you guys feel the same way! Over 100,000 of you guys, in fact. We’re really happy to announce that more than 100,000 new users have signed up to Songkick through our Spotify app. We’ve sent millions of personalized concert alerts to fans tracking their favorite bands through Spotify, whether they live in Stockholm, San Francisco, or New York; and we’ve alerted these users to a total of 50,000 upcoming concerts and festivals around the world.

As a brand-new platform, Spotify is proving itself as a compelling place to build music-related apps. Accessing Spotify’s gargantuan catalogue of music and its users’ taste is the kind of opportunity we live for as designers and developers and music nerds. One of my favorite features of our app is the ability to play the line-up of a concert, so I can decide whether I want to go or just to get excited for a concert I have planned. And Spotify’s massive userbase of music fans means that the growth we’ve achieved through their fledgling platform is worthy of gag gifts.*

Our Spotify app is just one more step in our mission of getting you out to more concerts and helping you to discover shows wherever you’re listening to music, whether that’s on YouTube, The Hype Machine, or Spotify.

For those of you who haven’t used our Spotify app yet, get on it! Here’s a quick tour of what it does.

We’ll scan your playlists to track your favorite artists.


You’ll get your personalized calendar of concerts for your artists right inside Spotify.


You can browse what’s going on in any of your locations to find a last-minute show.


Play the line-up of any concert.

Last but not least, here are some choice playlists created by team Songkick for your musical delectation. Enjoy!

bitch list by me (Michelle) (this playlist is responsible for my next upcoming concerts: Odd Future and Rick Ross)

100 Greatest Hip Hop by Ian
Cover Lover by Matt
face-melting drums by Robin
Motivational songs for the 21st century worker by Niko

* When we crossed the 100,000 mark, we sent our buddies at Spotify boxes of these:


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