A Lesson in Concert Etiquette

We’re firm believers that a concert can, and will, change your life – but the harsh truth is that bad audience behavior can cast a cloud over even the best show. More often than not, the people around you can play a role towards your concert experience.

So if the stakes are that high, we needed to know: what actually qualifies as bad concert etiquette? And what is it about the unruly concert goer that really grinds our gears?

We put these questions to the experts: our wonderful Songkick community. Results below, and shared over at the Wall Street Journal.


So there you have it. Arrive late, drunk, and push to the front at your absolute peril. The scorn of the entire Songkick userbase awaits you!

If we’ve missed anything crucial above, or you just fancy weighing in on the argument, let us know in the comments!


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