Jabberwocky Refunds

We were gutted to hear about the cancellation of last week’s Jabberwocky Festival (not least because about 80% of our office had nabbed tickets!) – and wanted to pass on all information to any fans who’d bought tickets through us, with regards to obtaining your refund.

We were informed of the festival’s cancellation last Tuesday afternoon, and immediately emailed everyone who had purchased through Songkick Tickets to let them know that we would be processing all refunds the next morning, and that they should clear by the end of the week at the latest.

If you bought a ticket to the festival through us, your refund should have already been processed, and the funds returned to the account that you bought tickets with. If not, or if you’re still waiting on any further information, please drop us a line at ticketsupport@songkick.com – we’ll be sure to help you out as soon as possible.

We hope you managed to enjoy some of the replacement shows over the weekend – we did! To receive the latest Songkick updates hot off the press, follow us on Twitter here.


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