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Not too long ago, we slung a digital pickaxe over our shoulder and set about mining the shadowy chasms of the Songkick database. This week we’re delighted to expose its hidden gems – introducing Touring by numbers on every artist page across the Songkick website!

We’ve always been in awe of the distances travelled by the biggest artists on the tour circuit. Each year, our countdown of the Hardest Working Bands leaves us openmouthed (and a little sympathetic!). Now, the statistics that really define an artist’s live legacy are available at a glance on every Songkick artist page.

Arcade Fire

From a visualisation of an artist’s touring history, to a calculation of the total distance travelled (venue to venue) since their first gig, we’ve gone stats crazy.

Bet you didn’t know The Beach Boys have travelled almost 3 million miles, eh? Or that Britney Spears has played over 100 shows in Vegas alone? Or that Billy Joel has shared a bill with Elton John 210 times? We could go on. And we probably will.

But we also love a dose of nostalgia, and it’s super interesting to be able to see tour histories for those legendary artists who’ve broken up or passed away. It’s so cool to be able to pay homage to the efforts of history’s greatest musicians! And if you’re anything like us, the ‘Last event’ calculator will leave you feeling pretty old. Forty-three years without Jimi – unbelievable!

Jimi Hendrix

So, get browsing and let us know what statistical gold you uncover!


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