Opening the curtains on our new integration with Sunrise!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Time to welcome in our integration with the ace calendar app – Sunrise.

We’ve been big fans of the slick, smooth and functional experience provided by Sunrise for a long time now – and so are thrilled to announce that, from today, you’ll be able to bring Songkick event data into your main Sunrise calendar on iOS, Android and web view.

You can select the calendars that you want to see – whether that’s the shows you’re tracking, or all the events coming up in your area, with all event, time and location data included. We know how stressful managing a crammed concert calendar can be, and this integration makes gig-hopping and show discovery easier than ever.

Take a look at the below screenshots to see our integration in action!

Songkick / Sunrise integration screenshot

Give it a spin for yourself – the SK app is available to download here, and Sunrise here.


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