10 Million Monthly Songkickers Can’t Be Wrong

We’ve had a lot of ace things to announce in the past year – but this milestone is one that we’re really proud to tell you about.

Songkick is now hooking up over 10 million unique fans every month with their favourite artist – whether it’s at a wild west watering hole in Joshua Tree, a moored boat in Bristol, or a 2000 year old Roman amphitheatre.

When looking back to where we started, it’s amazing that in April over 10 million fans used Songkick. That’s a positive impact on not just fans, it’s about artists too – those 10 million fans bought tickets for shows they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. With over 70% of the average artist’s income coming from live performances, we’re proud to have become an important partner to the artists we love.

We thought about arranging a celebratory game of planking for all our users this month, but we realised we’d need 162,000 soccer pitches and one incredibly patient groundsperson, so we thought better of it.

Every music fan is their own individual snowflake, in the minute it takes you to read this article, 230 of them have used Songkick – that’s nearly 4 every second.

Songkick 10 million graph

Ticket Revenue

We’ve shown our users are a pretty sociable bunch too – the average Songkick user goes to twice as many shows when they discover our service. And some go to a whole lot more…


Sorry Neil. To make it up to you, here’s some pretty sweet lentil recipes.

We’ve generated over $100m worth of ticket revenue to date across our ticketing partnerships (no sweat guys, buy us a beer sometime), and are on track to reach the same figure in 2014 alone.


We’re pretty chuffed with the value this provides for artists around the world.

Thanks to our partnerships and integrations with our nearest & dearest (everyone from Spotify and Soundcloud to Bandcamp and Deezer), Songkick is now an integral part of the way that fans can discover new music, and for artists to interact with their fans. With 60% of our traffic now coming from mobile users, the focus we’ve given to developing the slick native experience of our app now means you can be the proud holders of two tickets to your new favourite band in just a few taps.

So a massive thanks to everyone that uses Songkick – here’s to the next 10 million!

Songkick 10 million infographic



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