Songkick & Spotify leading the charge for Facebook’s AppLinks!

We’re excited to share a new feature from Facebook that will help create an even better bridge between Spotify and Songkick.

As you may have already seen, our slick integration means that you can discover relevant concerts within both the Spotify desktop and mobile apps.

At present, when you find a concert in the Spotify desktop app it links to the concert page on – which makes sense. However, when on mobile, things can be a little more awkward – as without a standard way to link between apps, the Spotify mobile app links to our mobile web pages. Though that’s still an okay experience, we’ve wanted to enable smooth deep linking between Spotify’s mobile apps and our iOS and Android apps. We’re concentrating our mobile efforts on native apps because we think that they deliver the best user experience, and we want to take you straight there, without the scenic route. Feast your eyes on the below…

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 19.15.42

Facebook have built a new way to link on mobile and we’re excited to be one of the launch partners, as highlighted in today’s F8 keynote shout out. Through, we’ve been able to build a better connection between Spotify’s app and our own – this should be rolling out soon!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Songkick app now and check it out for yourself. Heads up: it’s pretty mind boggling. You have been warned.

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