New feature: Track event

Hi folks, today we’re chuffed to announce an exciting new update to our Attendance buttons (I’m Going/ I Might Go) and Your Plans.

First up, you might be wondering where I Might Go has gone – well, we’ve bid that a fond farewell and replaced it with the bigger, better and all-round shinier ‘Track Event’.

Cool, what’s this going to do for me?

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.14.52

Your friends will still see if you’re interested in events if you track them or mark them as ‘I’m Going’ and you’ll still appear on Event Pages as ‘interested’.

Here’s a bit more info on how we hope the feature will streamline your concert plans and hopefully get you out to even more shows:

Reminder Email

We’ve had lots of requests from you guys that sometimes you need a friendly nudge to remind you when a gig is happening, or to buy tickets. Now, you’ll receive reminder emails once a week featuring all the events you’re tracking or have marked as ‘I’m Going’ in the upcoming two weeks. We’ve built this to help you avoid missing out on concerts before it’s too late or sold out. If you don’t want to receive it, don’t worry you can opt out under your Account Settings.

More visibility of your plans

You might have noticed that there’s now a checkbox at the top of each page. This shows you how many concerts you’re currently interested in or going to. You can click or tap on it to see what’s in Your Plans.

Google Chrome 43

Easily find concerts again

With the new filter in Your Plans, you can quickly find out the details of concerts you’re going to, so there’s no need to spend time searching for them again.

Google Chrome 44


We’ve also made a few changes to the navigation to make it easier to get to Your Plans and view concerts for artists you’re tracking (Under ‘Your Artists’ -> Concerts).

On a mobile?

All these features have been designed to work on mobile so you can still reap all the benefits.

We hope you find these changes useful! If you’ve got any specific feedback, we would love to hear it – just drop us an email to:

Take it easy – Karim, UX Designer.


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