Discover more concerts with Songkick & Spotify

Epic integration announcement incoming! We’re beyond excited to say that Songkick tour dates are now displaying on Spotify artist pages – so it’s easier than ever to find out if your favorite artists are on tour.

Here at Songkick HQ, we’re always striving to help bring artists and fans closer together for that live concert experience. One of the ways we do that is by making partnerships that get tour dates out of the dusty corners of a deserted artist website and in front of the fan, wherever they happen to be. The latest in that department is an awesome new integration with Spotify that puts concerts front and center on the Spotify artist page:


Radical! If you happen to be browsing your Spotify ‘Discover’ feed, you’ll also notice some concerts in your area pop up. That’s us too:


If you’re an artist that wants those tour dates up on Spotify, all you need to do is start managing your artist page on Songkick Tourbox, and make sure your concerts are updated!

Need more details about how the integration works?  Visit our FAQ here.



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