100 Fans Bring Zoë Keating 5000 miles with Detour

Since the dawn of Songkick Detour, I’ve thought of Zoë Keating as the perfect candidate for a fan-funded concert — a forward thinking artist with the freedom and impetus to operate outside the traditional music industry, with wildly passionate fans to boot. And that is the winning combination.

As it turns out, her fans thought the same thing. We’re thrilled to announce that Zoë will be playing a very special Detour London show in June. Our promoter partner on the show, Paint it Black are just lining up the perfect venue and we’ll have more news for you on that shortly.

Earlier this year, UK fans of Zoë Keating had already started galvanizing support for her on the Detour London platform with around 30 pledged tickets. When Zoë heard about the fan excitement on Detour and got involved, the pledges shot through the roof, catapulting her to #2 on the Detour London leaderboard with over 140 committed fans – before a show had been announced.

Zoë is not just any artist. An outspoken, intelligent, and talented musician, Zoë is a one-woman cello orchestra at the forefront of artist activism, and is leading the charge on finding new ways to operate within the music industry. She has also played an important role in increasing the awareness and transparency about an artist’s finances in an age of streaming micro-payments. Touring, however, poses it’s own problems, and in her recent blog post about Detour, said “how to tour intelligently is a problem I’ve been trying to solve for a long time.”

The music world is filled with a new breed of artist like Zoë, who, thanks to the internet, have worldwide fanbases but are still underserved by the current industry system.

“I operate outside the established music industry, so even when my research tells me there are people in a particular city, it’s not always easy to for me to convince concert promoters I will have an audience.”

Zoë has played a headline show in London only once before — she quickly sold out a small venue and had to add an early show to accommodate the demand. For her second London show, Zoë needed a tool like Detour that would not only empower the fans to help make the show happen, but give her the confidence and leverage she needed to book a venue that would be the right size and feel for her music.

With Detour, everyone wins. Zoë Keating’s fans get to see her play a very special show in London that she wouldn’t have played otherwise, the promoter gets a de-risked concert, and Zoë gets new income and heightened connection to her fans, who made it happen.

Check out her music here, and pledge for her on Detour here!

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