The Hardest Working Bands Of 2012

If you’re anything like us, your preconceived notions of touring are of beards, buses and the open road (based exclusively on Almost Famous). A quick look at the numbers, however, and a life on tour looks nothing short of heroic.

Using Songkick’s concert data, we’re able to calculate both the number of shows a band plays in a year, and the exact distance between each venue on their tour. The results are staggering, and indicative of the increasing need for musicians to hit the road to earn their dough.

Most interesting of all are the airmiles racked up by DJs, who played a similar amount of shows to their guitar-wielding counterparts, but travelled at least twice as far around the globe. MacBook? Check. Passport? Check.

Honorable mentions go out to Mayday Parade, Two Door Cinema Club and Willie Nelson for holding their seats in the top 20 since we last did this in 2010! We salute you!


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