Songkick’s Day Out!

Last week the Songkick team closed their laptops, powered down their iPads and relinquished their ping-pong paddles to hit the streets of East London for our quarterly day out. We had a lot to celebrate after a busy few months, so instead of the usual five-aside football/pint down the pub, we explored some of the other gems the area has to offer.

It all kicked off in the morning with freshly baked pastries in the Songkick office. Yum.

A short walk through the lanes of Shoreditch led us to Dunne Frankowski for a coffee ‘cupping’ session. Vic & Rob – possibly the coolest guys in the entire city – taught us about the importance of aroma (taste is 70% smell) before laying out a stunning selection of coffees from around the world for us to smell, spoon and slurrrp.

Needless to say we were buzzing by lunchtime. Next stop was The Wapping Project, a disused hydraulic power station converted into a stunning restaurant and gallery. In it’s prime, the station would power lifts all over London including Tower Bridge. Delicious food and wine ensued, finishing with a freshly baked (and still warm!) chocolate and hazelnut cake.

Then it was back into Shoreditch and to The Aubin Cinema for armchairs, blankets, champagne, cocktails and popcorn. The film choice was the inspirational Benda Bilili, which was a perfect fit for really highlighting the importance of live music. If you haven’t seen it, it comes highly recommended with the Songkick seal of approval! Check out the trailer below.


Final stop – The Book Club, for Modello beer, nachos and ping-pong. All in all, a pretty spectacular day out!

If you fancy joining the Songkick team in time for our next quarterly away-day, be sure to check out our jobs page. Over and out!


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