SXSW: What not to call your band?

SXSW has been and gone for another year, and as usual a ton of acts from all over the place headed down to Austin to prove to the masses that they are the next big thing.

Working here at Songkick we’re exposed day in, day out to a wide variety of band names, from the weird and wonderful to the just plain unoriginal. So using the power of Wordle (this is a highly scientific analysis don’t you know…) we’ve made a pretty diagram to show the most common words featured in band names at this year’s SXSW:

‘Black’, by a loooong shot, is the most common word featured in band names for some reason. With these guys being amongst the main offenders: Black Lips, The Black Angels, Small Black, Black Milk

‘Oh’, ‘Kid’, ‘Little’ and ‘King’ are not too far behind though, and it’s also interesting to see a lot of animals fall into the mix with ‘Bear’, ‘Horse’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Whale’ and ‘Elephant’ all popping up more than once.

So if you’re in the process of forming a new band, you may wish to steer clear of some of the above!

Also, talking of SXSW infographic-style things, there’s an interesting Software Advice post here on the archetypical characters who were found wandering around the streets of Austin this year. Quite amusing :)




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