Songkick and SoundCloud: a match made in heaven!

We’re super excited today to announce a new integration with the ever-increasingly popular SoundCloud. Now artists with SoundCloud accounts can get Songkick listings on their profile in just a few easy steps. Check out how at home it looks:

So next time you stumble across an exciting new artist, you can easily see if they’re on tour and click through to Songkick to buy tickets! Which means you’re totally in a position to beat the cool kid who’s all “Ya I saw them like months ago when they played at…*insert grimy East London venue here*…”.

For you artists out there, it’s really easy to display the dates – just find your artist page on Songkick, grab the URL (e.g.: and plop it in to the Advanced Profile section of your Soundcloud profile. Here’s a live example:

Let us know if you come across any problems!

And remember… little ‘k’ big ‘C’ (Songkick/SoundCloud…it’s all about getting the capitalization right!).




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