Photos from Hacker meetup #5

Last Thursday we hosted the September Hacker Meetup.

It was a great turn out with about 50 UK based developers coming down to share ideas and get advice about projects they were hacking on. Thanks to Mike Butcher from TechCrunch UK for helping to spread the word with my guest post last month.

Francesco Cesarini and Oscar Hellström from Erlang Training & Consulting kindly came down and did a 45 minute presentation for us on Erlang. Francesco started with a high level introduction to the language and its benefits and then Oscar whipped up a great real time demo of some of the more unusual features (including hot patching).

After that Jon Vaughn from Bionic Books did their first ever public demo and Alex Tew (of Million Dollar Homepage fame) did a demo of Popjam, his new start-up.

Then we hit the pub and Erlang was discussed in Earnest.

Here are some photos, thanks to everyone who came down. See you next time.


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