Hacker meetup #2 – photos

Every month we host a hacker meetup at our office in London.

Last summer we took part in Y Combinator – an incubator for very early stage start-ups. It was an incredible experience – we moved to Boston for 3 months and spent a summer working crazy hours hacking up our first prototype of Songkick. We were doing this alongside 18 other start-ups and the atmosphere and cameraderie was incredible.

I’d recommend the experience to anyone interested in starting a web based company, do get in touch with me if you’re interested and I’ll tell you more.

One of the best things about Y Combinator were the weekly dinners where all the start-ups would meet up and talk about what they’d been working on that week. It was a very developer focused group (around 95% of the founders were hackers) so it was an ideal environment to get feedback on your new code and ideas.

When we came back to London we missed the atmosphere at those dinners so decided to try to replicate it.

Once a month a group of hackers meet up at our office and then go for dinner somewhere cheap nearby. It’s a great place to get feedback on ideas and meet like-minded people. This month was the second meetup we’ve done and attendance was way higher than we expected – around 45 hackers turned up to watch demos and discuss ideas. This month the demos were really varied with:

- Dennis Furey who presented Ursala, a new functional programming language he is developing

- Mark Kinsey who demoed a cool stealth mobile app for restaurants and bars – and is looking for a technical co-founder

- The brothers Moore who demoed Mibbit their online IRC client (they currenly handle 2.5M lines of chat a day…)

- Daniel Todd who showed off his personal timeline app Timetoast (just launched!)

          Here are some photos from the demos:




          If any UK based hackers are reading this join the Hacker Meetup Facebook group here and come along to the next one! It’ll be on Friday 23rd May at 7pm.


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