Gorgeous charts for rocking out

Courtesy of artist Andrew Kuo’s blog, where you can see these amazing charts on concert experiences and music reviews. Here are some of my favorites, accompanied by music of course.

The Walkmen at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.
The Walkmen – What’s in it for Me?
“This is totally adult contemp.” Ahahaha! That’s hilarious and sooo on point!

Black Lips “Good Bad Not Evil”
Black Lips – M.I.A.
Well, too bad he thinks it’s mediocre because I really like Black Lips! Sure, a little bit of a throwback, but what’s not to love? And, I never the Vines were OK, even at the time. So there.

Battles’ Set at the South Street Seaport
Battles – Atlas
He’s right! Atlas is an EPIC track. The remixes and mashups with Atlas are double epic! There’s this Diplo mix floating around where he mixes it with M.I.A. and it’s in-fucking-credible. (Thanks, Devin.)

I wish he’d do a chart of my show-going experiences, which usually goes something like:
1. Oh damn, why did I come early for the opening band… Now the main act is starting and my legs are tired.
2. Ugh, no I don’t want to go up front! Now all these people hate us because we pushed past them. I’m so embarrassed.
3. Hell yeah! Amazing! I LOVE THIS SONG!
4. Shit, I just stepped on that dude’s foot because I was jumping up and down.
5. Why is that bitch whipping her head back and forth. Does she not realize it’s getting in my beer?
6. Oh snore. This song is boring.
7. OK, we get it. You know the words. You’re their biggest fan.
8. I’m too old for this. I’m depressed.

The end.


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