Oh you’re so silent ian

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been locked away coding like crazy, adding features for our private beta users and getting ready for launch.

It’s ironic that building a website to make it easier to go to shows has meant I’ve gone to less myself. After a hardcore 3 months on Y Combinator, we took a long weekend in Stockholm and were determined to catch a gig there.

We ended up going to Uppsala to see Jens Lekman play. He was so charming, I’d love to see him again. One piece of functionality I really want on Songkick is to see which of the artists playing in a city I travel to are most similar to those I already like. Until now I’ve relied on recommendations from local magazines, I think with a combination of the Songkicker and local mp3 blogs we can do a better job. Especially with the low cost of flights in Europe I’d love to go to Berlin for a weekend and be recommended a great club night while I’m there.

At the end of the show Jens lifted his bass player on his shoulders for the 2nd encore. Here’s a couple of photos I took:

Jens Lekman.jpg

Jens Lekman Piggback.jpg


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