Graphic Design + Music: Concert Posters

One of my online hobbies is sifting through concert posters. Maybe it’s just a weird nostalgia for something that never was a part of my life, SF Fillmore shows notwithstanding, but I just love a good concert poster. I love seeing how designers solve the problem of communicating the visual identity of a band and its music. It’s a more rewarding problem than other types of brand identity, in my opinion. I thought I’d post some great posters. Har har har.

Post Typography is a graphic design firm based in Baltimore who has done work for local venues and shows (find the Wham City stuff!), as well as some kick-ass design for national outfits like AIGA and print magazines. You can peruse their poster portfolio. Here are some of my favorites:

Weird War

The Small Stakes is Jason Munn, an Oakland-based designer who exhibits a distinctly Californian flair for illustration and a letterpress-influenced look. I really love his work!

Death Cab for Cutie. I was at this show!
Q and Not U. Love this concept.

And to maybe start a West Coast/East Coast showdown, Standard Motion is a Brooklyn-based design studio. He does a lot of stuff for Southpaw.

I’m From Barcelona. Very retro.
Insound CMJ Showcase


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