Songs to Keep You Through the Night

I only recently discovered Josh Ritter. I read his name around everywhere, but never got around to actually listening to him–for the stupidest reason too. His name reminded me of John Ritter (actor in Three’s Company), which reminded me of Robin Thicke (R&B singer I’m not a fan of), son of Alan Thicke (actor in Growing Pains). Growing Pains was roughly a contemporary of Three’s Company. Yes, my mind works in very troubling ways.

Anyway, when I finally listened to Josh Ritter, it was one of those “Holy fuck, I cannot believe I’ve been living without this,” kick-you-in-the-gut moments, which seem to come less and less frequently these days. My friends know that I have a weakness for the solo male, melancholy, countrified singer-songwriter type. I love these song from Josh Ritter’s latest album.

Josh Ritter – Open Doors
Josh Ritter – Empty Hearts


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