In Honor of the Brooklyn Book Festival

It’s the Brooklyn Book Festival today, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to post a couple more lit/music cross-pollinations I’ve found.

Moistworks is an mp3 blog run by a collective of authors, like Susan Choi, Ben Greenman, Jonathan Lethem (awesome writer), and Douglas Wolk among many, many others.

Living With Music is weekly section in the NYT’s Paper Cuts book blog where they have authors give a playlist. The comments section is fucking scary! Take the vitriol for Miranda July. I didn’t like Me, You and Everyone We Know, but I’ve read some of her stories, and they can be really affecting, when not overly precious. But the hate is terrifying: “it’s not that many menstrual cycles between Hello Kitty and the likes of Miranda July.” WTF?

On an unrelated note, here is some ’60s goodness:
Roy Orbison – Crying
The Barbarians – Moulty


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