Field Day Bangers

We all like a bit of organised fun, so we did all the research necessary to create a bangin’ playlist, so you know exactly where to head at Field Day.

Songkick Away!

Introducing, built by Mario with the Songkick API to solve all your vacation woes.

Track your favorite artists from Rdio!

Commence rapturous applause as we unveil our brand new Rdio artist import!

Field Day Cheat Sheet

Instead of using glossy adjectives to describe bands you already know too well, here are our stone-cold pro-tips to guarantee you come out on top in Victoria Park.

King’s Landing

Guys, we’ve made it. We’ve reached the watershed. This weekend, Land Of Kings will dropkick April into the ether and light the beacons for festival season with a scorching all-dayer in East London. So scorching in fact, that the guv’ment has given everyone Monday off to watch Netflix in the dark….

Michael Eavis: a Q&A at the V&A

As the V&A Museum work to archive the festival’s prized history, its curators grabbed an hour of Eavis’s time to talk music, politics and life on the farm.

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